Case Studies

Case Study: Ploch’s Garden Center

Background & Objectives

Ploch’s had just sold one of their store locations and needed to rebrand their existing store location with a new logo and branding. Ploch’s contacted Greensmith for help with a new logo, branding, and advertising. The Greensmith team met with Plochs and reviewed their concerns and goals. They needed a new logo. Plochs wanted a branding that was recognizable. They wanted to plan their advertising in a more efficient way saving Plochs both time and money.

The Plan

  1. A new logo was the first thing on the agenda. A new logo would determine how the rest of the branding was going to look for all of Ploch’s advertising pieces. Using the tree element to express growing and yard and gardens we designed a logo that is versatile on many platforms.
  2. After the logo was completed the next step was to develop a recognizable look for all of their printed marketing pieces. Plochs wanted a branded and consistent look that would become recognizable to their customers. We came up with a template design that allowed for offers and coupons to be translated easily from direct mail postcards or newspaper ads, social media, or email.
  3. Plochs needed to save time so Greensmith came up with a organized spreadsheet that allowed Plochs the ability to insert items for several ads and submit this to Greensmith. Greensmith created the ads in groups saving Plochs time and money. This process allowed Plochs the ability to focus on their advertising pieces in defined time periods. This provided them with peace of mind knowing their advertising was not going to stop when they became too busy during their peak seasons.
  4. Greensmith also created a branded look for Ploch’s postcards as well. The new look was now tied into all of their printed advertising pieces. We also assisted them with selecting critical areas for these postcard mailings helping to maximize their ROI.



Direct Mail Postcard

Newspaper Ads



The Results

Plochs had great success with the new branded look. Customers took notice and this was evident by their increased coupon redemptions and by the customers who mentioned the new look and greater frequency of their advertising to the staff at Plochs.


The increase in coupon redemption was also attributed to the fact that Plochs worked with Greensmith on coupon ideas and items for their ads that were timely and attractive to customers. Greensmith also helped Plochs determine what areas in their market they needed to target for their postcards that were mailed via the Red Plum Marriage Mail Packets and through the ads appearing in their local newspapers and publications.


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