Case Studies

Case Study: Strosniders Ace Hardware

Background & Objectives

Strosniders wanted to update and strengthen their brand. This included the development of a new logo, website, and email templates.

The Plan

We executed the logo first, then worked out the website. Once all these pieces were finalized we developed the emails.



Strosniders wanted to update to their logo while maintaining a red and blue palette a overall look. The existing logo had an old time feel, they wanted a stronger color palette. The addition of a hardware visual element, as well as incorporating the Ace Hardware branding, helped to convey a strong “hardware” brand.




Our goals for the Website were to:

  • create a cleaner look and updated design,
  • add more content and provide better information on goods and services,
  • make the site more responsive while eliminating the need for clicking through too many pages.



Website - Home Pge

The home page enables the shopper to Go to the Ace site to shop, View the Current Specials Flier, See the latest Event, See What’s On Sale & What’s featured See What Special Services are offered, Sign up for Emails and to check on your Ace Rewards ...all in a clean, clear, uncluttered, easy-to-read format

Website - Featured Brand Page

Strosniders can highlight specific brands and emphasize products in a more responsive and dynamic way - the shopper can easily SHOP or LEARN MORE!

Website - Services Page

Highlights their unique store level services.

Instead of having to click back and forth to separate landing pages, we updated the functionality so the user can simply scroll over each service to find out more about it!

Website - Team Pages

Emphasize the human side of the business by personalizing the team members.

Again, simply hover over the photo and learn more about the staff.



Greensmith updated the design of Strosnider’s emails to help emphasize a variety of products, services and special events - making it colorful and bold, yet easy to focus on!


Their click rate has doubled since the change!


The Results

Increase of website traffic and positive feedback on emails and communication. They have seen a 100% increase in click through rates overall since Greensmith has handled their emails. Their website is clearer and more informative, as well as showcasing key manufacturers.


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