Case Studies

Case Study: Copley Feed


During the spring season Copley Feed gets extremely busy. They had an existing social media presence, but it was a bit inconsistent in its messages and images. The objective is to create cohesive campaigns promoting all that happens within the Copley Feed community. Their owner wants to engage with customers that consistently support the business while also attracting newcomers to see all they have to offer. It is always our goal with social media to teach our clients along the way so that eventually they feel comfortable managing their own accounts, if and when time permits.


To create captivating content in a time efficient manner so Copley Feed can focus on their day to day storefront operations.

We began the process with a Facebook audit. During this process we gather all of the information such as store hours, services offered and locations. Afterwards we created cover photos for the Facebook account, providing them with multiple options for each season to choose from.

The key for us in our social media approach are communication and efficiency. Initially Copley Feed’s owner struggled with idea generation but after sending over mockup designs and having follow up conversations she began to understand the process. Once she provided the content we began developing the imagery.



While we have taken over the design of Copley’s promotional pieces, it is also equally important to us that we improve on the engagement and reach that they receive from their online audience. We continue to optimize their analytics by researching prime times to schedule content and boosting specific posts based on specific campaign goals. Below are examples of their previous reach compared to after we began managing the account.


Copley Feed has seen its reach, impressions and engagement increase dramatically since we’ve taken over designing content and managing their social media. Their owner has also significantly improved her knowledge and comfort level with Facebook and has begun to complete her content calendars with little to no guidance from us. By the time our contract with Copley Feed is complete she will be more than capable of operating her entire social media presence on her own. Mission accomplished!