Case Studies

Case Study: Strosniders Ace Hardware


Strosniders wanted to update their overall branding strategy and have a more cohesive visual identity across channels. This included the development of a new logo, website design, and email templates.


We created a refreshed logo based off of their old branding. We then followed to design the website. Once the overall look was polished, we began formatting emails and social media planning.

Visual Identity – Logo & Website Design

Strosniders wanted to update to their logo while maintaining their classic red and blue color palette. The existing logo was outdated and did not feature any imagery or icon to describe their offerings. We added a hammer icon, brightened the colors, and incorporated the Ace Hardware branding, conveying an iconic, fresh, and strong brand.




Our goals for their new website were to:

  • Create a cleaner, streamlined design
  • Add content and provide valuable information on products and services
  • Make the site mobile responsive and eliminate excessive need for page clicking



Featured Brand Page

Services Page

Strosniders Team Pages


Greensmith redesigned Strosnider’s email campaigns to help emphasize a variety of products, services, and events - making easy to navigate and visually pleasing.

Their email click-rate doubled after the redesign.


Increase of website traffic and positive feedback on emails and communication. They have seen a 100% increase in click through rates overall since Greensmith has handled their emails. Their website is clearer and more informative, as well as showcasing key manufacturers.