It’s about engagement and inspiration! An energetic, well-designed, thought-provoking campaign…with an oooo, ahhhh image – can help promote your brand and inspire people to want more! Greensmith has the expertise to create a plan to drive your message home – place their focus on you! Did you know that consumers are influenced by an average of 3.9 different media sources in their purchase decisions and 86% of purchase decisions are made at home*? Motivate them to action with special offers or coupons. Select from brochures, coupons, direct mail, hand-outs, invitations, store signs, postcards and much more!


Be sensational – let them see and feel what you have to offer – and make them want it! And then motivate them into action!
• Direct Mail
• Brochures
• Coupons
• Fliers
• Postcards
• Newsletters
• Gift card programs
• Event marketing and in-store promotions
• Loyalty and rewards programs
• Exhibit design
• Sales materials
• Trade publication marketing
• Co-op advertising and marketing

Store Signage

Capture their attention and provoke action! Want to raise your average purchase by silently adding to every sale? Do it with Signs! Dazzle and allure them with style and panache! Color coordinate. Let Greensmith’s design team help you capture their attention and hold it!
• Banners
• Posters
• Department Signs
• Window Signs
• Shelf Talkers
• End Cap Displays
• Hanging Signs
• And So Much More!

Newsletters & Educational Materials

Build a learning community! Google this and bing that – everyone is constantly searching for success – looking for the right way to have a great lawn, dress for success, use the right tool for the job, save time and money on project. Be their resource – help them learn to succeed – make a difference! Greensmith can take your expertise and create a new sphere in which to engage with your peers, customers, community and turn them into loyal followers.