Print Design

Print Design Matters

An energetic, well-designed campaign will promote your brand and inspire people to want more. Greensmith has the expertise to create a plan to propel your message. Consumers are influenced by an average of 4 different media sources in their purchase decisions and 86% of purchase decisions are made at home*. Reach them where they make those decisions. Select from brochures, coupons, direct mail, hand-outs, invitations, store signs, postcards and more.

Print Pieces

Be sensational – let them know what you have to offer.
• Direct Mail Postcards
• Brochures & Fliers
• Newsletters
• Gift card programs
• Event marketing and in-store promotions
• Loyalty & Reward programs
• Sales Materials
• Trade publication marketing
• Co-op Advertising

Store Signage

Capture their attention and provoke action! Want to raise your average purchase by silently adding to every sale? Do it with signage.
• Banners & Posters
• Department Signs
• Window Signs
• Shelf Talkers
• End Cap Displays
• Hanging Signs

Newsletters & Educational Materials

Build a learning community! Google this and bing that – everyone is constantly searching for success – looking for the right way to have a great lawn, dress for success, use the right tool for the job, save time and money on project. Be their resource – help them learn to succeed – make a difference! Greensmith can take your expertise and create a new sphere in which to engage with your peers, customers, community and turn them into loyal followers.