Case Studies

Case Study: The Lawn Depot


Lawn Depot is located in Doylestown, PA with a garden center, nursery, and turf management department. Greensmith decided to refresh their outdated logo and website, redesign their print pieces, and integrate social media for increased ROI. This omni-channel marketing strategy ensured they would reach more customers they were previously missing by focusing solely on print advertising.


– Logo Redesign
– New Website & Analytics
– Spring Postcards with Promotion Code
– Social Media Campaign with Targeted Local Ads


Direct Mail Postcard - Front

Direct mail Postcard - Back

Old Website

New Website


The Lawn Depot saw great success in all aspects of their omni-channel branding efforts. There was a direct spike in their new website traffic while running their print postcard promo, their social media metrics showed smart use of ad spending to reach more consumers, and their print efforts resulted in an in-store discount redemption that was higher than their previous years.

The Bottom Line?

The Lawn Depot saw a substantial sales increase from their previous year of 2018. They have received positive feedback from the rebranded logo and new website, and they just keep trending upwards! Greensmith looks forward to helping them grow even further in 2020.