Case Studies

Case Study: Seasonal Lawncare


They needed to bring a consistent look to their branding that would work across their various media platforms.

Seasonal Lawncare, is a lawn spraying company, that treats lawns in the Western New York state area, approximately 20 miles from Buffalo. They had an advertising program in place and a modern logo, however, no consistency in design and message across their media. They created handouts, statement stuffers, leave behind materials, Valpak ads, and direct mail postcards. The Greensmith had previously worked with Seasonal Nursery, their garden center retail division, to round out their brand and had helped them advertise when they moved their store to a new location - so they recommended their spraying company give us a call.


Develop a look that could be used across their multiple advertising platforms and communicate their services effectively and consistently!


The designer came up with a hexagonal “spray” look that could be used in the background to convey motion and use. The concept was to strategically use images showing “in progress” and “after application” lawns within the hexagonal frames and to use strong headlines to create focus. We also lightened their logo to make it more modern and created alternate color versions for greater flexibility in various applications.




Direct Mail Postcard

Seasonal Postcards Back

Valpak Coupon

Seasonal Valpack Back


The plan was launched this Spring, 2018. Seasonal Lawncare now has a cohesive and recognizable brand that boldly communicates their special offers and services to drive a response by customers and build business. At the time of this posting, this program is still in its early launching stage, so it is premature to discuss results. Tracking results will be easy, since each of the pieces created has different coupon code for tracking to see what offers and what distribution methods were most successful. The customer was thrilled with the cohesive new look for their brand - and will save a lot of “design time and money” in executing new promotions.