Omni-Channel Digital Marketing: Zadlock Garden Center & Landscape Supply

Company Snapshot

The Zadlock name began in 2015 when Jason Zadlock opened Zadlock Outdoor Services, offering landscaping design and services to the Monmouth, NJ area. Now, a new chapter is starting in a new location with Zadlock Garden & Landscape Supply.

Zadlock Garden & Landscape Supply became a premier lawn and garden center that offered a wide variety of high-quality products and services. From gardening equipment to bulk firewood, stone, and mulch to water treatment, professional wholesale landscape supplies, Zadlock Garden Center became the one-stop shop for all outdoor needs.

Having opened in the spring of 2023, they were excited to continue writing their story with the Califon community, and they were thrilled to be there!

Greensmith Customer Since:



Establishing a Strong Brand Presence and Gaining Community Recognition.

Greensmith Services Used:


Social Media


Dynamic Mobile

Store Signage

Direct Mail


Zadlock faced the challenge of establishing their brand and gaining visibility as newcomers in the retail business.

Greensmith stepped in to help by building their website, conducting site visits, outfitting their store with signage, taking photos, and organizing a highly successful Grand Opening event. As part of our efforts to expand their presence, we implemented a local mobile display campaign, and we are currently working on enhancing their reach through e-commerce and Geo-targeted Google Ads.

To ensure the success of the Grand Opening event, we employed a comprehensive approach that included a social media campaign, strategic signage placement, a targeted solo postcard campaign, and the procurement of necessary event supplies. Additionally, we are actively focused on building their email list to further support their growth.

How Did Greensmith Solve This?

Zadlock Case Study Logo Branding

Website Build

Creating a New Website: Incorporating and Managing Product Listings, Event Coordination, and Ongoing Website Maintenance and Updates

Zadlock Case Study Website Build

Store Signage

We assumed responsibility for all store signage management, crafting a unified marketing strategy and bolstering their local presence.

Zadlock Case Study store signage
Zadlock Case Study store signage

Direct Mail

Developed a direct mail postcard​ and assisted in managing their Grand Opening Event.

Zadlock Case Study direct mail
Zadlock Case Study direct mail 2

Local Dynamic Mobile Campaign

Ran LDM program June-July using accrued Scotts co-op funds.

Zadlock Case Study local dynamic mobile
Zadlock Case Study local dynamic mobile

Social Marketing

Took over management of all their social marketing – creating a cohesive marketing strategy while saving them time.

Zadlock Case Study Social Media Campaign

Google Business Profile

Established Google Business Profile for Enhanced Digital Visibility

Zadlock Case Study Google My Business Page


Utilizing the multi-channel marketing approach helped increase overall exposure to the new business. Greensmith made marketing a breeze.

Zadlock Case Study local client feedback

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