Starting in 1977, then known as Arett Advertising, founder Mauri Librett started a small division for advertising out a large lawn and garden distributor. Greensmith has grown through the ages creating sale fliers for lawn and garden centers, to now creating websites, digital advertising, brand recognition, and more for small to medium sized businesses across a few industries.

Greensmith’s model of personalized, hands-on attention to their clients allow for better brainstorming and creative growth. Now at the helm, Adam Chesbrough and Kelley Williamson, with a combined 35+ years of experience in the digital, video, photography, and print areas. Adam and Kelley’s vision of Greensmith continues the tradition of helping small mom and pop businesses thrive and grow while fostering new technologies and advertising mediums. 

Our mission is to be a creative and innovative branding partner that delivers personalized and custom design services. We work one-on-one with our clients as a small, dedicated team, providing insightful solutions that drive growth and ROI. Our goal is to inspire and enable our clients to achieve their business objectives through impactful and unique branding strategies.

Our Services Include:

Print Design and Distribution, Signage, Website Design, Email Campaigns, Social Media Management, E-Commerce Support & Fulfillment, Video Production, and much more! 


Our professional team will be happy to bring your amazing ideas and projects to life!

Adam Chesbrough


I have recently joined the team after 10 years of running my own advertising agency in Brooklyn, NY. If you are interested in working to grow your business by using cutting edge visual marketing tools then I am your man!

Kelley Williamson


I make sure your job gets done and done effectively and efficiently! Responsible for all creative operations for client accounts including work production and budgeting. Directs the activities of the creative team to maintain our agency’s standards of creative excellence, timeliness, and profitability, while achieving the clients’ goals.

Kate Cuffee


On any given day, I could be assisting a teammate with their benefits questions or training on computer programs or working with a vendor to assist in images and descriptions for products. My role is a diversified position that allows me to get involved in projects such as onboarding new staff, rolling out new computer processes to even helping build catalogs for our customers. If you run into an obstacle during your time working with us, I work continuously with the team subject matter experts to overcome those challenges.

Nora Strittmatter


I create a variety of digital and print materials. From updating and managing the design and content of websites or social media to composing emails, flyers, banner, and logos. Whatever it is the client needs done I will make sure to meet their marketing and advertising goals.

Samille Perez


I am passionate about creating visually engaging designs for social media, websites, ads and print designs. My ability to manage multiple client relationships efficiently, while collaborating closely with cross-functional teams, is a key strength. I am highly motivated and ambitious, always striving to deliver exceptional results and constantly pushing myself to improve my skills and techniques.

Quyen Le


I manage copywriting and am passionate about crafting engaging and compelling content. I’m responsible for developing high-quality content and managing marketing campaigns. Whether you need blog posts, social media updates, email newsletters, or landing pages, I’m always ready to go above and beyond to ensure your success. If you’re looking for a copywriter and content creator to help, take your business to the next level, I’d be thrilled to work with you.

Preet Parekh


I manage the ecommerce catalogs. With over 10,000+ products removing, adding and beating competitors pricing is my main role. I also am constantly on the lookout for new products to add to any catalog as the lawn and garden space expands everyday we want to be ahead of the competition. This means maintaining Amazon, Wayfair, Home Depot, Lowes and more.

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